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Monday, January 24, 2022

Frost Flowers!

Ribbon candy....

 While a number of plants at my house form ice chrystals, verbesina virginica is always spectacular!

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Sunday, January 2, 2022

Happy 2022!

 Gorgeous here still... When winter temps are in the 80's, what's not to like!

I couldn't help myself... dug out the camera and took these pictures.

Gulf fritillary and Eastern towhee

And cat waiting in food prep area for more preps...

Ok, you expect camellias and hellebore in January...

But... what about showy crotalaria, ruellia elegans, and tibouchina still hanging in there in select sheltered locations?

Some collards... Just in time for a Southern tradition...

canola in bloom

Flowers on the strawberries!

Bridal veil

White salvia coccinea

smilax berries...



rudbeckia triloba


Wednesday, April 14, 2021

April (Early Spring Again)


Hummingbirds started showing up Easter Sunday... Besides the coral honeysuckle, they are also visiting  salvia lyrata and canada columbine. Unfortunately, no camera at ready when seeing those visits.

Cherokee rose, Georgia state flower... I grew from a cutting...

Black Locust flowers (Robinia sp.) Brought suckering root stock plants out from a garden in town... original tree is long gone... people don't like colonizers... me? I need the fence posts... 


Snowball bush

Spring pea blossoms

Poppies have begun!

Magenta Spreen (Lamb's Quarter)

Flowers on the culinary sage.

Varmint control

Lots of iris!


Sunday, March 28, 2021

More Early Spring!

 Turnips have started to bolt... so... no more turnip greens...

It's ok though... the kale is taking up the slack...

Kale leaves and lambsquarter tops

Spinach omelet made using kale and lambsquarter... I wish the picture did the omelet justice.

Lightning struck a tree near my house yesterday...

Did a number on my house wiring... blew up outlet boxes, not sure yet how many things were destroyed... I'm living with drop cords until I rewire the house...

New Biddies... Check the fuzz on toes! I crossed a cochin into the flock... Cute as they are, I feel tempted to trim the feathers on the daddy's feet so he can scratch effectively... what impresses me about the cochin is their size and temperament.

Mom & Pop...

Starting to see roses...

Carolina Jessemine

Cat picture.

picotee spiderwort

White violet... Usually my violets do poorly... rabbits eat the leaves...

Flowering peach


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