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Monday, November 18, 2019

Before the Freeze

Had beans... they were sweet and succulent, not stringy and tough like when temps were in the hundreds in September and October.... one good freeze, and no more beans...

Hot pepper plants were nearly 6 foot tall, and covered in flowers... no more..

Pepper plants... Tall plants are grown inside tomato cages to prevent sprawl.

Assorted peppers... ghost peppers and carolina reapers.

Spiny cucumbers...

Cat eating spiny cucumber... the chickens also eat them...

Chickens eating lambsquarter (chenopodium) seeds off the stalks.

mirabilis jalapa with bee

Helianthus and monarch.

Evening primrose

Daisy mums and camphorweed

After the freeze... decorative kale planted last december...

Hardy cyclamen

Pear blossoms!

Leaf colour on maple...

Experiment... char soaked with urine...



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