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Monday, November 26, 2007

"Drainbow Communities"

Having skills means that there are plenty of property holders who will want us to improve their property for free. Doing this takes our time away from paying gigs, where we would've been paid for our work.

These "drainbow" property holders will act like they did us a favor by allowing us to waste our time & money & other resources improving their property.... They gave us a place to stay!

They will conveniently "forget" the promises they made when asking us for help... And there won't be a damn thing we can do about having been taken advantage of. The laws are written in their favor, making it possible for them to rob us by the letter of the law, while proclaiming to all & sundry that they were helping a "homeless" person!

We don't need that kind of help.... There are lots of employment opportunities that provide housing while paying us.

If we try to warn others about our bad experience, these "drainbow" property holders will drag our names through the muck, conjuring up ridiculous claims justifying their failure to keep their promises, even denying they ever made any.

We're out materials, wear & tear on our equipment, the money we could have made doing the same work for honest people, plus these people are saying some really nasty stuff about us!

There's no place to take our grievance, other communities don't seem to care, many refuse to even acknowledge the problem exists!

The Yonderfamily community experience.

Next, some warning signs to look for, that you may be at one of these "Drainbow Communities".

  1. Lack of honesty

  2. I was at a community where the property holder asked us to buy in. Unfortunately, he would go around claiming that he hadn't been paid if we paid him in cash... in an apparent bid to keep us divided.

    I began paying by check.... That ought to fix the problem... right?

    Wrong. The years that I paid in cash, he still claimed not to have been paid. Eventually, he "decided" that he wasn't actually selling anything... we hadn't been "buying" anything... we all needed to pay 3 times as much to continue to live in the homes that we'd built.

  3. Unwillingness to help... IE:Ask us to do something w/o providing materials or being there to help do the project.

  4. Apparently when they get the help for free, and aren't there to see how much work goes into the project, they aren't able to recognize the value of our efforts.... or even able to recognize how much work it took!

  5. Unwillingness to perform a favor in spite of what we've already done.

  6. When someone acts like this, run! They seem constitutionally incapable of doing anything in return... This never changes!
    Incredibly, nothing will convince some people to return a favor.

    For some insane reason, as a result of our efforts, they seem to treat us worse, the more that we do. I saw this happen to other people too, that's how I was able to see that it wasn't me, or anything that I did.


  1. discuss the problem

  2. It doesn't help anyone to pretend the problem doesn't exist. It doesn't even help the abusers. When people are being used up like this, it gives community a bad name, & loses valuable potential members.

  3. Create a data base of "drainbow" communities

  4. At least other people will be able to avoid these bad scenes.


Saturday, November 24, 2007



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