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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Happy election day!

I sure am ready for the political commercials to stop... And... an end to all that campain junk mail in the mail box!

Meanwhile... How about some nice garden pics?

Can't say that I've seen this terribly often... A butterfly three-some!
Those florida state butterflies (zebra longwings) are freaky!

Agalinas purpurea... didn't have as many agalinas this autumn as I'm used to seeing...

This cardinal is already eating the lambsquarter seed!

Clinopodium carolinianum (Georgia savory) 
Locally native to a small patch in the brush on this small tract... 
Wasn't difficult to transplant a few plants into the garden.

One on my monarch caterpillars that hung around for a few days after exiting the chrysalis.

Ghost peppers and Carolina reapers

Green striped cushaw... a couple that I was able to grow in spite of the cucumber caterpillars.

MMM steak! Spotted a nice Bambi roadkill on my way to work recently... put it on the truck and turned back around... shared some with the kitties.

Helianthus angustifolius...

Daisy mums...

Light frost this morning... most of my plants remain unfazed, but the chickens are enjoying the spiny cucumber vines...



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