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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Another Early Spring

It's another early Spring here, and my heart goes out to all the people living in blizzard country.

We set records in February for heat... 5 days of 80 ° +.  The previous record was like 2 days....  3 of those days of 80+  broke all-time records... definitely global warming here...

 Honey bee
 Honey bee 

cabbage butterfly
and cabbage butterfly... saw a tiger swallowtail this morning... followed it around with camera, and it refused to hold still. 

 Bloodroot and buckeye

Gray tree frog
 Gray tree frog in the wall of my house.

Goldfish sunning themselves

Aseroe rubra
 Check this clutch of eggs!
Aseroe rubra
They burst open to become these anemone stinkhorns. (Aseroe rubra)

carolina jessemine
 Carolina jessemine and Chinese wisteria
wisteria flowers

eastern towhee
 Not sure what the towhee was complaining about on a beautiful Spring day...
gopher tortoise in burrow
The gopher tortoise is doing some spring house cleaning.

sandhill cranes
Sandhill cranes flying....  13 seconds of video of their calls.

hardy orange flowers
 Flowers on the hardy orange.

tomato seedlings
 Tomato seedlings that the cats planted...

cat and spinach
 Cat inspecting the spinach...

poppy seedlings
The poppies are fat and happy.

The hellebore are peaking.

There are so many trees in bloom, will post this redbud... and not post the peaches, pears, cherry and whatever else...

Just to show that I had them... The daffodil are pretty much finished....


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