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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Autumn Bloom

As pretty as these peppers are, they aren't what I ordered... when I bought seed.
I sent for bhut jolokia... I think these are some kind of heatless habanero pepper.

Colour echo!
Agalinis and echinacea.

Front meadow.... camphorweed and agalinis.

Green beans.... if I can manage to get any away from the cats....

Blue curls

Brugmansia (doubles)

Long tailed skipper visiting richardia (Mexican clover)

The chickens enjoy the richardia too!

Dark form tiger swallowtail and cypress vine.

Helianthus angustifolia

Sux to be a baby caterpillar.... when the wasps live nearby...

 Close up of purpletop (Tridens flavus)

Sweet potato blooms

My garden snake.... I shot video of the sound of the rattles, but only like 4 seconds... hardly seems worth including...
I do have some 12 seconds or so of Irma at my house....


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