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Monday, May 1, 2017

Critters again, and some Spring flowers

 Tortoise foreplay
Preparing to mount...
The male spent several minutes bobbing his head, I recorded 4 seconds, and then the batteries quit in the camera... and... those 4 seconds aren't in focus... 
But... here's those 4 seconds..... for those who have never seen a tortoise bob his head....

Rat snake... I also saw a big king snake... and didn't have the camera with me.

Romantic butterflies


Poppy colour

The Matelea are starting to bloom.... I've seen an occasional lonley monarch butterfly this spring, but still no babies.

Scutellaria integrifolia

Penstemon australis

Passiflora... I had a pic of a couple of fritillary caterpillars... and forgot to add them to the thumb drive before heading to the library...

Carduus nutans

Not sure what the name of these rambling roses is.... they're everywhere... up and down the highway... and at my house.

Rose campion (Silene coronaria) Or is it lychnis?

Mock orange (Philadelphus lewisii)

Chinaberry tree
This exotic invasive produces an interesting yellow coloured firewood....

Blunt leafed milkweed (Asclepias amplexicaulis)

Flower on the poplar tree.


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