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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

bugs n stuff

black form tiger swallowtail

Buckeye caterpillar on Seymeria cassioides

I wasn't paying attention, and nasty milkweed bugs had a population explosion on the matelea

Dragon fly... my zika defense...

Wasp visits winged sumac flowers

Sand wasp visits monarda punctata

Sulphur yellow visits salvia

And who's this on the pokeweed?

Manducca visits 4 o'clock flowers in the dark...

gulf fritillary visits salvia

Anole on a watermelon

Always thrilled by the naturals... partridge pea


And whorled leaf milkweed


Thursday, August 4, 2016

fruits of the season and other stuff

I'm not sure this is glass gem any more....

The deer berries (Vaccinium stamineum) are starting to ripen... good luck beating the birds to them, though... all the information online sez that they're only fit for the wildlife... but they're actually quite tasty... you have a window measured in minutes between ripeness and when the birds eat them.

Seashore mallow (Kosteletzkya virginica) first bloom of the summer.

Red spoted purple butterfly visits rudbeckia triloba.

I really like this combination of the white hibiscus and the snake cotton...

I'm getting watermelons from the new section of veggie garden...

Here's mixed group... rudbeckia and 2 hibiscus.

I finally got some ripe fruit from the dwarf paw paw tree... Ate the fruit and potted up the seed.

Sometimes I get lucky... Didn't bait the trap... just set it in the path. armadillo above, rabbit below.

Finally... a rose of sharon with blooms on bare branches... dry here... this tree dropped it's leaves back in June... blooming anyway... these things are tough.


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