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Monday, December 28, 2015

December critters and other pretties.

Eastern towhees in the brush pile

Mocking bird in same brush pile...

 Grey ratsnake

Close-up of colour.
Surprising to see one of these guys at Christmas...

Honey bees in camellia flower

Cat in redbud tree.... 
is this how she's catching the birds?

Goldfish... Hunting mosquito larvae, and apparently for frog eggs...
The frogs have been visiting my ponds, but there's never eggs left here... when I moved some over... they never had a chance to hatch.

Deciduous holly berries

Other holly berries.

New paths through the brush...

There's a winter rainbow through the middle of this picture... Usually rainbows at my house are in the garden in the west... this one was over my house in the north... Unfortunately it never got very bright, fading almost as quickly as it formed.


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