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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A caterpillar's life isn't easy...

Kinda looks like the caterpillar from Danger-Mouse... Apparently a tussock moth... They have the cutest caterpillars!

Sulfur lays eggs...

Eggs become caterpillars...

Wasp kills caterpillar...

Ctenoplusia caterpillar eating Conyza (mare's tail weed)

Caterpillar on mulberry tree

Bird hunts caterpillars...


Cactus bug


Long-tailed-skipper caterpillars

Cabbage white

Judy Burris explains the difference at "Beautiful Wildlife Garden"
Pearl Crescent butterflies have solid black dots on the bottom wings.  The Checkerspots have some dots with white centers.
Now we know that I have Pearl Crescent butterflies.

Searching for caterpillars...

redbird.... nest

And finally... Y'all remember the monarch that was laying eggs in the last post?
A baby monarch!



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