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Friday, May 31, 2013

Some May Flowers for the end of May

Ground Cherry (Physalis sp.) 
I posted a pic of this physalis in the edibles post last week, but didn't have a good pic of the bloom.
 In the 6 years I've been out here, this year is the first that I've noticed all the ground cherries... They seem to be all over!

This isn't one of the native passionflowers, and it's been difficult to establish out here... Seems like it takes 2 years to get blooms, and then it dies and I must plant it again...
Pretty enough to keep trying in different places...

Coreopsis and rose campion
Close-up of the rose campion (Lychnis coronaria) 

White campion (silene alba)

Ice plant (delosperma cooperi)

A few Spring vegetables...
(front to back) taters, beets, chamomile... those seedy things are rutabagas.

It's usually too dry to get foxglove bloom...

Anglepod (Gonolobus suberosus; Matelea gonocarpos)
New to this garden, one of my wild-collected specimens.

 These dudes are kind of cute... even if it does make collecting seeds a bit difficult...



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