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Monday, March 14, 2011

March Bloom

Carolina Jessemine

The Carolina jessemine is a native vine, blooming early here... I used to see the blooms on the ground at my previous garden, but never actually see the vine... they'd climbed well out of sight...

The daffodils are winding down

With the early Spring here, some patches of daffodils didn't bloom.
I was reading an article about "blind daffodils" recently... it explained why otherwise happy drifts of daffodils had failed this year.

Pear Flowers

I planted these pear trees 2 Autumns ago, they might produce this year... I had a frost which killed back the taters that were up a couple of days ago... but am hopeful re the pears....

The pears produced!
the poor trees had their tops dragging the ground.


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