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Tuesday, April 23, 2024


Unusual year so far... Rain in due season, gorgeous spring temps! I can't remember a spring this nice in the entire time I've been here in Georgia...

Cherokee rose in March. Late freeze last year meant no flowers... This plant is some aggressive...
Florida Anise also March bloom... Started cuttings in pots a couple years ago, went through an unusual winter cold spell in pots without probs, set out last spring.

Robinia (black locust) in flower also in March... Planted root suckers from town...
Eventually will be useful as fence posts... in the meanwhile, new root suckers are replanted outside of garden... hopefully to improve the sand.

Another March bloom.... Grancy Greybeard(Chionanthus virginicus) finally blooming... After several years of nothing.
Spiderwort (now)

Poppies (last week)

Box turtle in town, (couple weeks ago) seemed to be laying eggs!

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