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Thursday, August 24, 2023

Paw paws

 Back when I first came to Gardens in the Sand... I purchased some paw paw seed... 

The seed came up readily when I planted them in nursery pots.... Eventually I spread them around... Everybody that wanted paw paw trees got one.

Unfortunately... it takes more than a single seedling to bear fruit. Since then, the root suckers of the different plantings have been getting moved around.

So... I finally have fruit this year!

Low hanging fruit

Fruit in bowl

Sliced paw paw fruit

So finally seeing fruit from seed planted in '07, isn't really the headline here... More interesting, is the fact that I'm able to grow Asimina triloba in the sandhills without supplemental watering.

Our existing locally native dwarf paw paw (Asimina parviflora) gets by on the rain that God provides...
But I seldom see fruit. One year I beat the possums and raccoons to the fruit on my locally native bush... and planted the seed... Sadly none grew.

I originally ordered seed over the internet because I wanted to see more zebra swallowtail butterflies...

Zebra swallowtail butterflies

They're awfully pretty... But I can't really say that I'm actually seeing more of them than before... Can't hardly hurt though.

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