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Monday, July 9, 2012

summer colours

fence post lizard on sassafras post

This fence post lizard is wearing his best finery, hanging out on top of a sassafras post... Hoping to attract a new lover.

yellow brugmansia blooms

The brugmansias have begun to bloom.

datura wrightii

cluster of honey bees visiting datura wrightii flower

The honey bees seem to be very interested in the datura....

4 gulf frittilary butterflies on zinnia flowers

gulf frittilary close-up

Gulf fritillary butterflies have found the zinnias.

bumble bees on red sunflower

These red sunflowers are attracting plenty of polinators.

Got some painted lady butterflies...

Silver-spotted skipper enjoys the 7-minute itch plant, even if I don't...

These little yellow cherry tomatoes are sweet!

Most of the squash are through... I still have some, because I replanted some of the thinned plants...

The columbine seedlings are coming along.

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Blogger oldwhitelady said...

The flowers are beautiful. Good that they feed the butterflies and bees. Have you been getting enough rain, or do you have to water them to keep them going? We're having to water water water.

July 14, 2012 at 10:45 PM  

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